Welcome to the world of Cette

Our brand is born in 1958 and we are proud to say that more than 80% of the sales today is exported to 40 countries worldwide. Our mission is to offer shapewear & hosiery products with an innovative combination of technology and design.

We design and make collections based on women’s comfort

The values that inspire our collections are:




Natural comfort
Natural comfort




Fresh, dynamic and appealing image, this is what the new Cette concept stands for.

Slow fashion >> is about quality and not about quantity

Our planet is shaking and we need to act.

That is why we pay special attention to yarns, production processes and packaging: this is the essence for Cette.

We are ready to explore new horizons with you.


Because you inspire us,
because we ❤ people,
because we care about our planet,
we have designed a planet-conscious collection
for a better world.


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The Cette Team

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